Din studentkår - HHGS

You have 365 days a year to form the life you are living. We believe that great things are achieved when people are brought together. Great things such as friendships, insights and the opportunity to create impact. Let’s be the change we want to see.


HHGS is the student union at the School of Business, Economics and Law. We live by the creed that together we shape our future. Being a student union means that what we do is regulated by Swedish law; namely monitoring the education at the school, for all its students, members as well as non-members. However, monitoring the education is just one of very many things that the union does. HHGS is the mother-organisation of more than 30 associations, all of which organise several events during the year, ranging from DJ-sessions in the pub to male balet and spex. Furthermore, HHGS has three career-fairs during the year and owns 100% of seven companies that give meaningful work-experience to hundreds of members every year.

The board of HHGS exists to make life easier for its members and associations. We handle the daily administration of the associations’ economy and all the situations that arise with their operations. Furthermore we act as a link between the members and the different projects, associations, and companies as well as third parties.


We’ve been welcoming students to the world of Handels since 1926. Regardless of whom you are, where you come from and whichever path you choose to take for your journey ahead we venture forward – together.



Everyone has the possibility to make a difference. For you, for her, for him: for us.
No project is too big, neither too small because we do it together. Whether it’s to secure the quality of our education or make thousands of students feel at home.


We believe that success isn’t built on success itself. It’s built on the courage to take a leap, explore and even fall. It’s in the challenges we thrive and all along the way we will support, lift and encourage each other – at all times, every day.

Vi är årets kårledning

Karin Sollenby


Emma Persson

V. President

Gustaf Nordström

Chief Financial Officer

Viktor Johansson

Head of Business Relations

Anton Ekroth

Head of Education

Casper Helander

Head of Marketing

Kajsa Pålsson

Head of Events

Johan Berlin

Head of Associations and projects

Oscar Berghäll

Head of Administration

Tera Gonzalez Niklasson

Head of International Relations


"Kåren för mig är bra i det anseendet att jag fått pröva på så många olika saker runt om på skolan genom dem olika föreningarna och projekten som går under Kåren, allt från Spex till arbetsmarknadsmässor. Men det Kåren gett mig mest av är dem vänskaperna jag skaffat mig, och alla härliga människor man får chansen att träffa på som engegerad"
Sebastian Strömblad
Student och kårmedlem
"Att vara med i kåren ger otroligt mycket. Som medlem får du chansen att träffa massor nya människor från alla de olika programmen, erfarenheter om vad det innebär att driva projekt och hur man styr roliga evenemang. Med alla de projekt och föreningar som kåren består av finns det något för alla, oavsett intresse och erfarenhet. Men det allra bästa med att vara med i kåren är att det är fantastiskt roligt och kommer ge dig minnen och vänner för livet"
Louise Holmquist
Student och kårmedlem