By wearing the nollning t-shirt, you will have almost 700 new friends immediately. Wear it with pride during the entirety of the nollning and recognize other "nollor" (participants in the nollning) from several hundred meters away.



The first step to participate in the nollning is to wait for contact from your fadder (buddy). This will likely happen shortly after the admission decision. Take the opportunity to ask any questions you may have! If, by any chance, no fadder contacts you, you can contact them yourself by joining your program's Facebook group. 

Even those who have been contacted by fadders should join the Facebook group, as it will serve as the main communication channel between nollor and fadders. Below you will find the respective links to each program's Facebook group.

+ Bachelor’s Programme in Business and Economics



To be able to participate in the nollning, you need to be a member of the Student Union at the school of Busniess, Economics and Law, HHGS. You can choose to buy a membership for one semester or for your entire study period. 



Your nolle package is available for purchase in the Orbi app. You can already register your information in the app so that you are ready to go when the packages will be released. Your program will have specific package tickets, so it's important to make sure you buy the correct ticket and collect your package. To learn more about how to install the Orbi app, you can click on the "install Orbi"-button below.

The package will cost approximately 550 SEK and consists of a fabric bag with lots of fun and useful items, as well as a stylish laptop case. You will also receive the official t-shirt of the introduction weeks (which should be worn during most activities) and your Nolleband to wear on your arm.

650 new students

As a participant in Handels Nollning, you have a unique opportunity to meet other new students - possibly friends for life.


Free and exclusive access to Handelspuben (the on-campus pub) during the two weeks of Handels Nollning.

Business Contacts

Handels Nollning collaborates with many different companies that you as a participant have the opportunity to connect with.

SGS bonus

Three months of queue days as a bonus when you are a member of the student union and buy the Nollepaket. After that, one month every six months.


Under vissa dagar kommer det serveras vegetarisk mat. Vilka dagar kommer framgå av informationen som publiceras i Facebook-gruppen "Handels Nollning 2023".


Everyone who purchase a nollepaket will recieve a goodiebag with, among other things, a laptop case.



The final step is to come to the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg on the 14th of August during the designated time. Here you can pick up your nolle package. You will also get to meet us in the N&FA 2023 (Nollningsakademin), as well as your faddrar, who are looking forward to meeting you! Don't worry about finding the right place at the School of Business, you will definitely see or hear it from a distance!



What makes our Nollning great?


Every program has a great group of buddies, wearing yellow shirts, who are there to make sure you have a good time. They are cheerful, reassuring, and available to answer all of your questions. They will show you where to go, encourage you when you are tired, support you if you have any problems, and give you a hug if you are confused.


There is a lot of prestige at stake during the nollekampen (the introduction weeks competition), and it is easy to get caught up in the atmosphere, for better or for worse. There is always a risk that the enthusiasm and motivation will turn into ridicule towards the opponents. This is something that is absolutely not allowed and will ultimately lead to point deductions. It is important to emphasize that the scoring also goes the other way, and it often pays off to be a little extra kind to the other programs! We may compete against each other during the nollning, but we all belong to the big Handels family.


"Nollefriden" is a rule that states that mentours, N&FA and others involved in the introduction weeks are not allowed to engage in an intimate relationship with a "nolla" (a new student) during the entierty of the introduction weeks. This is in place to ensure that the focus during the introduction weeks is solely on the new students. Anyone who breaks the nollefrid rule will be suspended from the introduction weeks.


"Sexmästeriet" is a word that comes up a lot in the student world. Handels sexmästeri are the people who run our beloved Handelspub. Sexmästeriet, commonly known as "Sexet", are the ones who make sure that no student goes thirsty. Why are they called "Sexet"? There are many myths associated with the word, but one explanation is that it comes from the word "Sexa" which is an old swedish word for party. You will meet Sexet a lot throughout the nollning!


DJ Götes are the ones who bring the pub's dance floor to life and make every student's legs tingle. These DJs know the latest music, and during the nollning you will meet Götes on a lot of occasions. They ensure that there is dancing wherever we are in Gothenburg.


What should I do if I cannot attend the registration fair on the 14th of August?

If you are unable to attend the registration fair then we highly recomend that you contact your programs huvudfaddrar (contact details to them are included in your programs Facebook-group). Please note that even if you are not able to attend the registration fair you still HAVE TO REGISTER for your program in order to not lose your spot at Handels.

Do you have to be present throughout the entire nollning?

If you are unable to participate in all of the nollning, it is not a problem. You can still purchase an introductory package and participate in the activities that you are able to attend, but we recommend that you participate in as much as possible. It is a perfect opportunity to get to know not only those who will be in your class but also students from other programs. Make the most of it!

Is Handels Nollning just about partying all the time?

No, Handels Nollning is intended to welcome newly admitted students to the School of Business, Economics and Law and to Gothenburg. During Handels Nollning, various day and evening activities are organized, ranging from water games to company mixers. Handels Nollning is intended for all newly admitted students at the School of Business, Economics and Law. 

When can I sign up as a member of the student union?

You can already sign up as a member of the student union. You are able to do so via the student unions, HHGS, website ( or by pressing the button at step number 2 - Become a member of the student union. 

How can I contact you?

There are several ways to contact us at the Nollningsakademin and who you should contact depends on what you're wondering about. You can find our contact information under the "contact" tab here on the website. For general questions, it's best to contact our General (Hilda Persson) or Vice General (Hugo Sjöö).

A big reason why I chose to be a fadder was to give other newcomers the same great impression of the fantastic school that Handels is. Nollningen is a memory that I will definitely remember for the rest of my life and I am so grateful that it is something I got to experience.
Idun Nylén
Ny student 2021