Sustainability is an important pillar of Handels Nollning 2023. As one of Sweden's most sustainable nollningar, we are actively working to continue to make the nollning as sustainable as possible, and below is some information about how we are working on it.


Reduce mental ill-health by promoting physical activity (such as volleyball, football, etc.) and alcohol-free alternatives during the nollning. Nollor should feel welcome at all events regardless of drink preference.


GOAL 5.1 Eliminate discrimination against women by creating events that are open to all, regardless of gender. 

GOAL 5.2 Eliminate violence and exploitation against women and trans people by creating safe spaces at parties with sober responsible persons to promote safety and respect. 

GOAL 5.3 Create rules and action plans for gender equality such as the no-tolerance policy and a clear division of tasks related to discrimination and safety in the board.

GOAL 5.6 Ensure that all women have the same opportunities as men to participate in the nollning by ensuring that free sanitary towels and other forms of menstrual protection are always available.

GOAL 5.A Through our cooperation with Hand In Hand, we are contributing to reforms to give women equal economic resources.

GOAL 10 - Reduced Inequality

GOAL 10.2 Create and implement events that are open to everyone, regardless of ethnicity, origin, gender, sexuality, or disability. 

GOAL 10.3 Eliminate discrimination by having clear boundaries for what discrimination entails, both for management and other participants. There is also a clear action plan that states who to contact in case of any incidents.

GOAL 12 - Sustainable Consumption and Production

GOAL 12.3 Halve food waste by encouraging participants during the initiation to not take more food than they can eat. 

GOAL 12.5 Reduce the amount of waste through good waste management with recycling of the materials available. Reduce the amount of disposable items. 

GOAL 12.6 Encourage businesses to apply sustainable methods by writing contracts that refer to the sustainability focus of the initiation. When signing the contract stating participation during the nollning, participating companies also committed to carbon offset their participation in the event.

GOAL 12.8Increase participants' knowledge of sustainable lifestyles by referring to how the initiation works with the global goals and how participants can behave in a more sustainable way during the initiation.

Handels Nollning - an environmentally certified event!

We are proud to say that Handels nollning follows the framework established by the student union's environmental council HCS. The framework includes an environmental certification that all events organized by the HHGS project can follow. Handels nollning 2021 was the first event to undergo the review and be certified..

 To read more about HCS's work, click the "read more" button below!

Handels Nollning - a climate compensated event!

Since 2021, Handels Nollning climate compensates the entire event through GoClimate. This is an important step to enable a sustainable nollning and that the nollning is positive for both the people and the environment.

Handels Nollnings Sustainability Partner

Handels Nollning 2023 is proud to announce that for the first time in the history of the Nollning, we have a sustainability partner - Hand In Hand. Through our collaboration, we contribute to a more equal and equitable world. Hand In Hand works for sustainable poverty reduction through entrepreneurship. Read more about their work by clicking the button below.


Climate is an important issue in today's social debates. At nollningen, we are actively working to reduce our climate footprint. Below are some tips on how to be more climate-smart during the nollning.


All initiation activities are located in Gothenburg city center. This is to make it easy to get to and from the event. Bicycle parking and nearby public transport connections are always available. Think of the environment and choose an environmentally friendly transport alternative to and from the initiation activities.


We have prepared so that it will be easy for you to sort your waste during the nollning. Don't litter. Instead, sort your waste in the right way. We want to minimize our environmental impact, so leave the place you were in cleaner than it was before!


It will be sunny, it will be fun, we will move around. Please feel free to fill your own water bottle with tap water so you don't have to buy water. We also make sure that there is a water station for refilling at the event.


We are heavily investing in vegetarian food and the entire initiation has been vegetarian for the past four years. Feel free to try our delicious vegetarian food.

Nollefrid means that no sexual contact is allowed between anyone involved in the nollning and the nolla. Being new to a school and meeting people who are already familiar with how everything works automatically creates unequal power relations. Nollefrid is in place to ensure that these power positions are not abused. This means that faddrar and other people involved in the nollning are not allowed to sexually exploit you as nolla in any way. Consequences of breaking nollefrid include a follow-up with you as an nolla and then a discussion of whether the person involved (e.g. fadder, person active in the student union) should be excluded from the nollning.

Cultural appropriation (also known as cultural borrowing or cultural theft) is about people or companies disrespectfully using attributes associated with other cultures, often oppressed minority groups. During the nollning, we have many costumes. This applies both during the days and during events at the Handelspuben. Something that we in the leadership of the nollning want to emphasize this year is how important it is that we avoid all forms of cultural appropriation with all kinds of costumes. We thus emphasize that it is important to think twice at each costume to avoid all forms of cultural theft.


Nollekampen is a competition and much prestige is at stake, but let us not forget that we are all part of Handelsfamiljen. It is easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment and the enthusiasm, but if this goes the wrong way it can turn into mockery of the opponents - something that is absolutely not allowed! Remember that love across borders also applies to digital platforms, not just in reality. Mockery can lead to point deductions, just as it can earn extra points if you are extra kind to your opponents.

Handels nollning has a zero tolerance policy towards any form of discrimination related to gender, gender identity, ethnicity, origin, sexual orientation, disability, etc. Consequences of discrimination include a follow-up with you as the nolla and then a discussion as to whether the person involved (e.g. fadder, person active in the guild or another nolla) should be excluded from the nollning.

Zero tolerance also applies to any form of violence, harassment, bullying, threats and drug use. This is taken very seriously by all those responsible for the nollning. The consequences of violating this are to be immediately excluded from nollningen. A police report will also be made. 


For us at N&FA, it is important that information about accessibility during the nollning reaches everyone who needs it. Next to each event there is an information box about accessibility for, among other things, permobile and wheelchair users. This is so that everyone can have the opportunity to participate in as many events as possible, and that any questions can be easily answered. If you have any other functional variations, please feel free to contact the sustainability officer at N&FA for more information about accessibility during the events.


At N&FA's water station, there will be free access to menstrual products. Having your period during initiation should not mean an extra cost or be complicated. Come and take!


Do you feel that you have been discriminated against, that something has gone wrong or have questions related to the subject? Then you can turn to us.