The Nollning Summarized

For a few jam-packed weeks, you will, together with about 600 new students, compete, perform skits, and have an incredibly fun time. The grand nollekampen (nollning competition) is the common thread that the nollning is built around. Virtually all activities include different competitive elements where the six different program sections compete against each other to accumulate points. 


Your nollepaket (nolle package) and tickets to other events are available for purchase in the Orbi app, which is available to download wherever apps are provided. Press read more to take you to the installation guide!

The Nolle Guide

The Nolle Guide is the ultimate guide to a great experience of the Nollning for you as a new student at the School of Business, Economics and Law. Here, you will find everything you need to know! 


Handels Nollning is organized every year as a project by a group of students at the School of Business, Economics and Law. The project's management is called the Nollning- and Fadderakademin, which among students is referred to as N&FA [noffa]. N&FA 2023 consists of 15 students from various programs who are passionate about making your start at the school a memory for life.


All students who are starting their studies at the School of Business, Economics and Law are welcome to participate in the nollning. During the nollning, all new students are called Nollor. Each program has a great group of mentors called faddrar who are there to ensure that you feel comfortable and have a great time. They are happy, reassuring, and available to answer all your questions.

Prices and Awards

Throughout the entire nollning, there are opportunities to earn points, both as a program and as an individual. In addition to the prestigious nollekamps-throphy, you can win prizes such as "nolla of the year" and more. To read more about the prizes that are awarded, you can find more information here.


The winner of the "Nollekampen" is simply determined by the program that earns the most number of points. You can check the current score for your program and the overall standings on the scoreboard by clicking on "read more".