Welcome to the school of Busniess, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University!

Welcome to Handelshögskolan!

The School of Business, Economics and Law has high ambitions. We aim to educate internationally sought-after students with a responsible approach to societal development and conduct high-quality research that contributes to finding solutions to complex global problems. The prerequisites exist, including disciplinary breadth, motivated and engaged researchers, close collaboration and ongoing dialogue with the business community and public sector, ambitious and creative students, and an international focus for over 90 years.

Sweden and Swedish business have had significant international successes in the past 100 years. A couple of important factors behind this success are understanding and respect for other cultures and people's contexts, and therefore an understanding that there are no universal solutions to local problems. From this, a particular type of leadership and view on both entrepreneurship and responsibility has developed, which is now internationally respected. Handelshögskolan's research contributes to clarifying what this leadership and responsibility entail and makes it possible to pass it on to today's students, tomorrow's leaders.

Our roots are in the local business community, with an international focus that, like at the time of the school's founding, recognizes the importance of high-level research and education. This creates unique collaborations and lays the foundation for Sweden's future competitiveness. Our business collaboration is also reflected in the school's international work, which is developed in close dialogue with our partners. As we now establish long-term strategic partnerships with leading universities in China and India, we do so in places where our partner companies are increasing their presence.

A Triple Crown-accredited busniess school

Our research and education have a purpose: to influence and contribute to positive societal development. To succeed in this, engagement and collaboration with the business community and society around us are required. We take on current societal problems, which we analyze using the most appropriate methods. Often, an interdisciplinary approach is required, and our subject matter breadth is a great asset, as well as being part of the university.

The school of Busniess, Economics and Law is accredited by EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. This Triple Crown accreditation is a valuable proof that our education, research and collaboration are of high quality in an international perspective, and confirms that we are a strong business school operating on an international arena, constantly evolving to meet the demands and changes of the world around us.

You have 365 days a year to form the life you are living. We believe that great things are achieved when people are brought together. Great things such as friendships, insights and the opportunity to create impact. Let’s be the change we want to see.

The level is high here. It is very prestigious to have an education from here, and the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg is highly ranked. It's very important for me.
Ramin Shokofan
Stand-alone courses
The programs offered are in high demand, and practically everyone gets a job before or shortly after graduating from the School of Business, Economics and Law. The school has a good reputation both in Sweden and internationally.
Mirza Imamovic
Law Student
I think the study environment at the School of Business, Economics and Law is fantastic. Being surrounded by so many driven students and competent lecturers all the time makes you extremely motivated yourself.
Felicia Sandersnäs
Student in Bachelor Economics

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