Nollor and Faddrar are the core of Handels Nollning. Each program has its own set of Faddrar who during the three weeks of nollning, they will guide you through a world filled with party, competition and fun.


Everyone who is about to start studying at Handelshögskolan is welcome to join nollningen. You are welcome regardless of gender, gender identity, ethnicity, origin, sexual orientation, etc. All new students during this initiation are called "Nollor". The nickname comes from the fact that you, as a newly admitted university student, have read zero college credits. Zero in Swedish is called "noll". The whole nollning is about making you feel welcome at Handelshögskolan and giving you the best start to your studies.


Every program has a great group of Faddrar who are there to make sure you feel comfortable. They are cheerful, reassuring and there for you. They want to answer all your questions. During the activities there will always be two Faddrar per program who have extra responsibility, these are not allowed to drink alcohol during the day or later in the evening. At the Handelspub you can identify these by the green shirts they are wearing.


The huvudfaddrar are those who bear the ultimate responsibility among all faddrar. Each program has two faddrar of this sort. Huvudfaddrar have the primary contact with N&FA. Do not hesitate to bring up thoughts or concerns with your faddrar, if there is something they do not have an answer to, huvudfaddrarna will find out by contacting N&FA!

we are your faddrar

First of all: Welcome to the Handels family and congratulations to those of you who have already decided to join us for three amazing weeks!

We, your faddrar, will guide you into a world filled with parties, competitions and dancing! We will be available for you day and night, whether it be where to be, whether to choose your clean or dirty shoes or just to have someone to mingle with. More information about who we are will be presented in the respective Facebook groups and on Instagram!

In the Facebook groups, information will be posted continuously during the nollning and afterwards you can use it as a group for your class.

We faddrar are SO excited to meet you all during an unforgettable time and afterwards during your years at Handelshögskolan. We hope you all have an amazing summer until we meet. See you soon!

Here you can find the groups in Facebook

+ Bachelor's Programme in Business and Economics
"The Nollning was so incredibly fun, you let go of all nervousness and just have a crazy good time for three weeks before school starts, and already then you've made fun memories with new friends! Wow, how one loved the initiation, a time of laughter, dancing, and lots of excitement!"
Thea Näsström
New Student 2017
"Being able to participate in nollning as a fadder was one of my most enjoyable experiences. I had the opportunity to get to know so many new people but also to get to know my classmates even better."
Idun Nylén
Ny student 2021
"The Nollning is definitely the best thing I've done during my time at Handels. I feel blessed to have experienced all the fantastic things twice, both as a newcomer and as a fadder. The community and the commitment you get to experience is unbeatable!"
Helena Björling
New Student 2016